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If you like to get your monthly titles, and you want to make sure they are always there for you, get a monthly subscription with us. You'll get 10% off all your new titles. True, it's similar to the discount you'd get in other shops, but we take it a step further. We've also got our Weekly Wednesday Comic Book Happy Hour, where subscribers will get an EXTRA 5% off their weekly pick-ups. Each Wednesday between 5:00pm and 8:00pm. It's one of the best times for subscribers to come in, pick up their titles, talk with other readers, and dave an extra 5%. Let's recap


  • Subscribe to 5 comic titles minimum 
  • Pick up your comic subscription at least once a month


  • Receive 30% off all supplies, 20% off all graphic novels, and 10% off all other merchandise. These discounts are good ANY TIME you come in to shop, not just when you pick up your subscription.
  • Receive our subscriber only "Happy Hour" discount: 15% off your box when picked up Wednesdays between 5-8pm.
  • Receive one free comic on your birthday.
  • Feel reassured that the books you love will be in your subscription box instead of worrying that something may sell out. 
  • Request your comics to be bagged and boarded already when you pick them up.
    • Individual bags and boards are $0.25 a piece plus your discount.
  • Request variants for the books you subscribe to.
    • Variants will be put in your box based upon availability. 

Sounds awesome right? It really is! But, we can only continue to offer these great discounts to our loyal subscribers if both ends of the bargain are upheld. 

What Happens to Neglected Boxes?:

When a box is neglected for more than a month we then have to decide whether to maintain that customer's subscription or not. The process for delinquent boxes is as follows;

  • Email the customer to let them know that we haven't seen them in a while and their box is full, and to inquire as to whether we should keep the person's box open or not.
  • If we do not hear from the customer and they still have not picked up, we will put the customer's subscription on HOLD. This means that while their account with us is still open, and we will continue to hold the books that have already been placed in their box, we will no longer place new books in their box. If the customer picks up their subscription while it is still on HOLD we will reinstate them and begin putting new arrivals in their box again. That way we are not continuing to pile merchandise into a subscriber's box who may not have the ability to purchase those items. We certainly don't ever want to burden anyone. Keep in mind that if this happens we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to replace the issues that have been missed. We will certainly do our very best to fill in any holes but often books sell out and will either be 2nd prints or will be out of print altogether.
  • After a box has been on HOLD for a couple weeks (during which we may attempt to contact the person again) we will assume that the subscriber no longer wishes to maintain a subscription with us and we will close down their account and re-shelf what books we still can. Unlike many other stores, we do not take credit card information, and so we do not charge anyone for abandoned merchandise. That means when merchandise is abandoned we are taking the hit. 

We know that sometimes things get a little complicated. We know that comics are not a necessity in anyone's life and therefore are one of the first things to be cut when families are trying to maintain a budget. 

We also understand that people get sick, jobs sometimes don't work out, people travel for extended periods of time. In a nutshell, LIFE HAPPENS, and that's okay! All we ask is that when life happens to you, keep us in the loop! If you can't pick up your subscription for more than a month, for any reason, just please let us know! There are solutions to be had!  

Effects of Box Neglect:

We absolutely hate to close down subscriber boxes. We love our customers; we love providing you all with our service. We also have to be fair to our other subscribers who are picking up their merchandise and we have to be fair to the store itself. When boxes fall delinquent it is problematic for a list of reasons;

  • The longer your comic books sit in your box the more likely you are to receive them damaged. Our subscriber storage area gets VERY FULL VERY FAST and while we do our very best to maintain the quality of your books while we are storing them, full boxes means lots of shuffling to make room where it can be found, and sometimes it means issues can rub together. 
  • When we do our merchandise orders we order specifically for the number of subscribers that read each title. Each delinquent box is an extra issue we are ordering and paying for that may or may not sell off the shelf by the time it makes it there. We adjust our numbers for titles with each and every order so keeping our subscriptions up to date helps us maintain accuracy in those numbers. 
  • Comic subscriptions are very much an honor system. We have to pay up front for the merchandise that we order, and we order our merchandise based on our subscriber base and what they've said they will buy. If the merchandise isn't being bought, then we are losing money. We'd like to be here for a very long time to come but that isn't possible if we are putting more money out than we are bringing in. The economy has largely effected sales for us this year and while we hate to admit it, if our subscribers don't pick up their books we probably won't make it another year. So please, if you love us as much as we love you, keep up your end of things so we can stick around for a long time to come and continue to provide you with excellent customer service!

Start a subscription today by filling out and bringing in the form. Subscription service is for in-store purchases and pick-ups only. We currently are not set up to handle online subscription services. 

Download our subscription form Here.

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