Bronze Age Comics

Bronze Age books are blowing up. Some of today's most sought after books are from the Bronze Age. Everyone has Incredible Hulk 181 (first Wolverine) on their own/want list. 

With the collecting of comics on the rise, and the number of new collectors entering the market, the Bronze Age is a great starting point. Golden Age books are too expensive for most, and most Silver Age books are getting out of people's reach, so Bronze Age books are the perfect entry point.There are still a lot of afffordable key issues for new collectors to get their hands on, like Marvel Premiere 15 (first Iron First), Marvel Spotlight 5 (first Ghost Rider), and Giant Size X-Men 1 (first...a lot of X-Men).

We keep fresh stock of Bronze books, including:

  • Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men run
  • George Perez's Teen Titan's run
  • Neal Adams' Green Lantern Green Arrow run

We have such a large stock of Bronze Age books, it's hard ot list them all online. If there's a run you're looking to put together, please contact us via one of our forms, or give us a call today. You can always come into the store too! We've got boxes and boxes of books and we are always stocking up on more.

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