Golden Age Comics

This is where it all started...The Golden Age (Imagine I said that with a big booming voice!)

Some of our favorite, obscure, and ridiculous covers come frm the Golden Age of Comics.

It's widely agreed that the Man of Steel, Superman, is responsible for ushering in the Golden Age of Comics in 1938 by creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. (Side Note: We have one of the first ever wood-carved Superman Toys ever. You should come by it.)

Others would argue that it's actually Lee Falk's The Phantom who ushered in the age in 1936 (You know...that guy Billy Zane played in that obscure 90's flick?)

Golden Age comic books are recognized by their 10 cent price tag and larger print format. It's genrally understood that these books are only available in lower grades, with higher grades belonging in private collections that won' see the light of day for many years.

At The Pop Culture Company, we admit, we're not swimming in the deep end in Golden Age books, but we like to keep the kiddy pool stocked. If we don't have anything on the site right now, give us a call or contact us asking if we've got any Golden's in stock and we'll get right back to you with details and pics!

If you are in the Greater Houston Area and looking to sell your Golden Age Comics, please consider The Pop Culture Company. We have a deep respect for the Golden Age, and are very interested in extending an offer for your books. 

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