Modern Age Comics

Love it or hate it, the Modern Age of comics books is in full swing with no sign of slowing down. Considered by many the era of the variant or the age of the speculator, modern age comics are taking off. If you are quick to market, you can buy a $3.99 variant on a Wednesday that becomes a $500 book on ebay the following week. It's not all just about the variants. There are also already a couple key grails of the modern age commanding large prices, like Batman Advantures 12 (first Harley Quinn) and Walking Dead 1 (first Rick Grimes). There's also

At The Pop Culture Company, we offer the best variant prices in town, because we charge cover price. That's right, no mark-up on variants at Houston's top comics shop. If you are here at 11am on Wednesday, you have the same chance as everyone else at landing the week's hot variant. We reserve our variants for in-store purchase only, so make sure you are here on time! We also hold variants for our subscribers, so check out our subscription service and sign up today.

If you're hunting for modern back issues to complete your collection, we have got you covered. We have a huge stock of back issue modern comics. We will be stocking the site up as much as possible, so check back often for great modern runs and fabulous 1st appearances. 

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