Silver Age Comics

At The Pop Culture Company, we work to keep a large and fresh stock of Silver Age Comics for your purchasing pleasure. This includes raw and slabbed books, and comics all price ranges. We understand everyone can't be a high grade key collector, so we try to stock keys in all grades. If you have any Silver Age comics you want to sell of have appraised, call, contact us, or come in today. We are always interested at buying and appraising collections. We also offer great trade value if you are looking to trade some of you smaller keys for a big key.

After World War II, comics saw a huge decline with sales at an all-time low.  Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were the only core superhero titles being published...and the stories/art kind of sucked. DC needed to do something fast, so fast is exactly what they did. As much as the Silver Age is identified with the explosion of Marvel Comics, it was DC Comics' Showcase #4 title released in October of 1956 that ushered in the Silver Age of Comics and introduced us to the new Flash, Barry Allen.

The new Flash was the first of many Golden Age heroes reimagined for the new age. DC took the ball and ran with it until 1961, reinventing the Green Lantern, Hawkman, and the Justice League to name a few. Then in November 1961, the World was introduced to Stan Lee, jack Kirby, and the Fantastic Four. From there, Marvel grabbed the ball from DC and releases iconic books that solidify the age like Amazing Fantasy #15, X-Men #1, Avengers #1, and the incredible Hulk #1. You could argue that as much as DC started the age, Marvel won the race.

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